So many churches make a mistake on…

Choosing an effective domain name. The domain name is the website address for your church website.

Too many times, churches make one of the following mistakes when selecting a domain name for their website.

  1. The domain name is too long:  If the name is church name is First Presbyterian Church of Sarasota Beach, there may be a desire to select the domain name but that name is very long an will likely be misspelled if someone tries to manually type it into their browser.

The domain name doesn’t have a clear connection to the church:  Some churches try to be cute or memorable in their domain name, so they will use something like or but there isn’t an easily understandable connection between the church and the domain name.

Keep it short but identifiable

When choosing a domain name, try to keep it short but make it identifiable and memorable.  Also think about how you will use it on things like shirts, outdoor signage, business cards, etc.

Keeping with the example of First Baptist Church of Palm Beach, using or would be a good option.

Also, when using your domain name on any visible media (where the domain name will be read), always capitalize the first letter of each part of the domain name.  If we use the above examples, look at the difference:

  • vs.
  • vs.

Which of each example is more easily understood and recognizable?  The second option because it breaks up the domain name in easily identifiable sections.

Choose a domain name that is short, identifiable, and memorable

Do you have a domain name that is very long, confusing, or not identifiable?  You can always add an additional domain name to your website and slowly transition from using your old domain name to a new, more effective domain name.

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