It’s no surprise that churches are quickly becoming impacted by the Coronavirus. Church leaders are facing a possible decline in attendance, giving and volunteer numbers. And while there is not a lot that can be done to reduce panic and the spread of this virus, there are some things churches can do to help accommodate the new needs.

  1. Announce and practice a safe greeting gesture for gatherings.

This may seem obvious, but unless an announcement about a new greeting method is made through your social media and from the pulpit, people will either forget or feel very uncomfortable when it’s time to stand and shake hands with those around them. Let people know you’re starting a “no-touch/air high-five/elbow bump” greeting of some kind so that everyone gets on board and limits the spread of germs.

  1. Remind people of text and online giving if you do not pass offering plates.

Many churches are deciding against passing the traditional offering baskets to reduce some germ transfer. There is no better time to encourage digital giving, whether it be through a text-to-give service or a giving solution on your website or app. While you often communicate that it is the “easiest and best way to give,” it’s likely that those still holding on to the offering plate continue to do so out of convenience or comfortability. Removing this option as we battle this virus may start a movement toward online giving for those who did not do so before, and also reminds people that they can still give even if they cannot physically attend.

  1.  Add a live-stream option for services if you don’t have one already.

The biggest difference you will likely see in the coming weeks (months?) will be an overall decline in your attendance at church. Many are eliminating the risk of gathering with large groups of people (and some states are beginning to ban these environments altogether). But you still want to have service, right? More than ever, it’s crucial that you have an option for live streaming so those who cannot attend can still experience a service online.

If your church needs help preparing for the upcoming shifts, consider a text-to-give solution, or adding a live streaming option to your website, contact us for free consultation and +1 (202) 643-6151